Therapeutic Placement

For all parents, the most distressing situation is a crisis involving the academic, personal, social, and/or mental health of their child.  Those are times in which emotions stress and cloud the parenting and decision-making process.  In most cases, direct intervention is necessary to effect a positive change.

Educational Directions provides trained, experienced, and knowledgeable consulting services for students and families in need.  We have comprehensive knowledge about placement options as well as specific training and counseling skills to make the optimum choice.

There are many factors that can cause and affect crises for a student and a family.  Through interviews and reviews of educational, psychological and psychiatric evaluations, and other relevant information, Educational Directions can provide parents with considered and optimal plans for dealing with the situation.

Therapeutic Placement Fees & Contract Form  (Adobe Reader Required)

Student Information Form

Materials Needed for First Meeting

Note: Forms may be filled in online & printed out.

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