How College Counseling Can Help You


When planning for education following high school, young people and their families face many significant issues:

  • What factors are important to them as they choose where they should spend the next four years? 

  • How will their college experiences shape their futures? 

  • What college will best prepare them for possible careers and professions?  

  • What paths will best enable them to realize their dreams?

  • How best to prepare for the college admission and application process?

  • What are the best values and how can education funds be maximized?

Educational Directions works with each student to help guide him or her to the answers to these and other important questions.

We are dedicated to helping direct students in their self-discovery and to providing guidance in finding and gaining admission to the colleges best suited to their individual needs and abilities.  The choices can be exciting, but the information can also be overwhelming.  

In addition, the college admission process, with its deadlines, forms, terminology and competitiveness, can be confusing and stressful.

Our counselors’ collective experience and knowledge is unparalleled in the Upstate, and Educational Directions provides the additional level of assurance that many college-bound students and their parents seek.  We guide parents and young people through their college search, making sure that due consideration is given to all aspects of the process.  We help each student establish goals and preferences, evaluate abilities, and maximize the opportunities available.  We also address non-academic factors such as extracurricular activities, location, school size, social atmosphere, living conditions, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities.  Finally, we advise the student on how to make his or her strongest case for admission to college.

In sum, Educational Directions provides a full range of expertise and service for college counseling.  

College Counseling Service Detail

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