College Counseling Service Detail

  • Initial interview with student and parents to review general interests, needs, desires, and current status. The general issues surrounding college admissions are previewed.

  • Administration and review of inventories: Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory, Strong Interest Inventory, Learning and Study Strategies Inventory.   The student completes a Personal Inventory and the parents prepare a Parental Recommendation.

  • Meeting with student (and parents, if desired) to review results from inventories.

  • Development by and for the student of personal goal(s) and philosophy for college attendance and expectations.

  • Review of high school curriculum to insure the best “college preparation” as well as best transcript.

  • Personalized timetable for college admissions is designed for the student's meetings with consultant; SAT I, SAT II, ACT testing; visitation schedule; application (and financial aid) deadlines; etc.

  • Focus of college search is refined and narrowed based on inventories, student interests & desires, test scores, grade and academic interests, geography, size, academic environment, etc.*

  • Research by consultant to determine possible appropriate matches and a "long list" of colleges is prepared.

  • Direction and guidelines for research and visit to colleges.  Student and parents do research and visit recommended schools.  Assistance is provided in reviewing the options & obtaining materials.

  • Periodic meetings with the student (and parents) to review the student's academic status, the visitation process and to focus the college search. *

  • Assistance and recommendations are given in the preparation of a final list ("short list") of colleges for application.

  • The student obtains applications and advice is given on completing the forms accurately.  Ideas and advice for essays are discussed.  Advice on interviews is provided as needed.

  • Review of applications for accuracy, neatness, and coherence.

  • Full financial aid review, planning, and advice as well as scholarship search help.

  • Advice once acceptance letters (and financial aid offers) are received.

  • Meeting with student and parents for advice, recommendations and preparation for adjustment to first semester of college.  Help with freshman course selection if needed.

  • Meeting with student during freshman year to review adjustment.

  • Availability to student and parents for consultation at any time by phone or in person.

*The number and timing of these meetings will vary depending upon the time of year, variety of opportunities being investigated, and the needs of the student.

Families are asked to complete the following two forms to bring with them to the first meeting, along with a copy of the student's transcript and testing record (school tests as well as PSAT, SAT, ACT, etc.):

College Counseling Fees & Contract Form (Adobe Reader Required)

Student Information Form

Materials Needed for First Meeting

Forms may be filled in online & printed out.

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